Our Time NYC-Berlin presents E.V.E.proJect °1°

Our Time NYC-Berlin presents // E.V.E.proJect °1°

Live & Video Art events
Focusing on female performance artists
Based in NYC and Berlin
Curated by Miriam Wuttke

NOV2 2013
7pm- 12:30am

Video Work 7-7:30pm, 11pm-12:30am
Chiara Mazzocchi (Milan/ Berlin)
Mayuna Shimizu // Fictionale (NYC)
Erin Ellen Kelly (NYC)
Miriam Wuttke (Berlin/NYC)

Performance // in order of appearance // Berlin Based

Barbara Kowa
The work is a performance based on the ongoing performance Cycle “Mild Wedding”, a long term performance which questions our true unavoidable and existential connections and dependencies, in its different aspects: Nature-Water-Air-Heart-Brain-SEEDS
Diese Arbeit ist Teil eines seit 10 Jahren andauernden Performance- Zyklusses, der sich mit der Frage danach beschäftig, womit wir existenziell und unausweichlich verbunden sind… Natur-Wasser-Luft-Herz-Hirn-EI/SAMEN
7:30 & 10:30pm

Sandra Sarala
‘(Cloak and Dagger): Behind Closed Doors’
Personal and intimate performance food for the soul, sung and spoken word & everyday and eternal rituals seasoned with archaic east Euripean village songs

Stephanie Ballantine
Hounds of Love
i.c. with Kiani` de Valle, Servullo Mendez and Pablo Zuleta Zahr

Anna-Maria Sommer
“Aus aktuellem Anlass:Fukushima Angel.
In the light of current events, I decided to play a concert.”

Moran Sanderovich
Insight Skin
“Insight skin” deals with the way trauma transforms a body, its behaviour and shape. This performance investigates the boundaries culture places on women, their sexuality and shape, thereby dictating what they may hide or reveal. Insight skin aims to alter the perspective of what is shown outwards vis-a-vie what is hidden and supressed. It challenges the boundary between inside and outside and the implications of each. Insight skin sets out to examine why inner organs are considered repulsive. It reshapes the body, while no longer treating the skin as a boundary. Within Insight skin, an alternative body is created, one to which the terms “disability” and “imperfection” are irrelevant. A body, which naturally produces its own movements and way of being. The transformation undergone by the body in the course of the performance is an expression of supressed interior conflics and past encounters with reality. Through this transformation, dialogue between different sides of the skin and a discourse of aesthetics is created. Insight skin turns the inside out and leaves nothing undiscovered.
The Performance Insight Skin starts at around 10pm and lasts about 15 minutes.
It is accompanied by the sound of Inon Peres.

NOV3- NOV23 2013
E.V.E.proJect °1°

performance photography
Anna-Maria Sommer, Barbara Kowa, Chiara Mazzocchi, Erin Ellen Kelly, Mayuna Shimizu, Moran Sanderovich, Miriam Wuttke, Sandra Sarala, Stephanie Ballentine

by appointment only
+49(0)176 72620070

StudioGalerie Miriam Wuttke
Weichselstrasse 53
12045 Berlin



FocusDiversion4.0/ May 30 2012

Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012/ Our Time NYC- Berlin.

Staged performance work at Kunsthaus Tacheles with live performance improvisation and sound produced for the Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012.
1. Video by Mayuna Shimizu/ Blue Muse Dance and Fictionale.
2. Anne Porst and Peter Newman.
3. Erin Ellen Kelly and Peter Newman.
4. Miriam Wuttke and Veronica Mota.
Live noize dinner performance by VJ Chuu and KuriHara.
Production and creative direction Miriam Wuttke.
Sound technician Jan & Ken Mutant.
Photos by Petrov Ahner.
All rights reserved.
Thank you for support!

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Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012- FocusDiversion4.0

Month of Performance Art Berlin and Our Time NYC- Berlin present

May 30 2012
8 – 10:30 pm
Goldener Saal at Kunsthaus Tacheles
Oranienburger Str 54-56 a
Berlin Mitte

A site specific performance event on the site of historical Arthouse Tacheles with an accumulation of action, sound and video installation at „Goldener Saal“ on the first floor.
Four site specifically working artists perform succeedingly and parallel at the grand theatre „Goldener Saal“ of Arthouse Tacheles with the support of video and sound works of artists from Berlin, NYC, Sydney, Mexico and Italy.

Great experimental // noize // sound work
in collaboration with the stage performers:

A Short Term Effect / Berlin
Peter Newman / Berlin/ Sydney
Veronica Mota / Berlin

Experimental butoh and site specific stage performance of
Anne Porst / Berlin
Miriam Wuttke / Berlin
Erin Ellen Kelly / NYC

Poetic and elaborate dance, video and sound work from NYC
Blue Muse Dance / NYC
Blue Muse Dance & Fictionale: Mayuna Shimizu (dance), Hyunsuk Kim (video, animation), Kyoungin Jung (video), Peter Lew (sound)

· Location for production and presentation of contemporary art
· Architectural landmark with historical relevance
· Autonomous collectives experiment
· International networking and cultural exchange
· House for events and creative processMPAB PROGRAMME OF MAY 30

Entrance fee: 3 EUR (optional/support!)

Month of Performance Art Berlin

*Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012*
11.05.2012 // 11th of May 2012

KünstlerInnen/ Artists:
Karen Haase (performance)
Miriam Wuttke (performance)
Petrov Ahner (performance photography)

And as special guest: A Short Term Effect (sound)

With the support of the dark poetic powers of sound artist A Short Term Effect, Karen Haase and Miriam Wuttke aka Haase&Plankk, Berlin performance duo since 2007, are going to make this evening another unforgettable multidisciplinary performance event!
Haase & Plankk are also going to show photographs of live and staged performance work in collaboration with Petrov Ahner, who has been documenting the performers as solo artists or as the duo since April 2010.

…”We dont really know what we are gonna do- but we gonna give it all.”…

Text Haase&Plankk Solo Show 2010/11:

Haase&Plankk: Berliner Künstlerinnen-Duo, Performance-Doppel, Installations-Zweifaltigkeit. Seit drei Jahren arbeiten sie regelmäßig zusammen, furios und faszinierend, zart und rücksichtslos, heiter bis wolkig. Ihre Bilder, auch ihre Raum- und Körperbilder speisen sich aus der Spontaneität, aus den Einfällen, die sie sich gönnen und die ihre Arbeiten in eine zuvor nicht bestimmbare Entwicklung treiben. Das kann sehr komisch sein, verleugnet aber auch nie das eigene Leiden. Sie wissen, dass die Welt seit jeher in Scherben liegt. Haase&Plankk sind Existenzialistinnen im bunten Kostüm.

English version:

Haase&Plankk: artist couple, performance duo, installation duality. Since three years the Berlin based women have been working together continuously: furious and fascinating, tender and ruthless, bright or overcast. Their images and figures derive from curbed spontaneity, unspoiled perspectives and indeterminable changes, which may be comic but never miss the feeling of suffering and loss in life. Haase&Plankk are existentialists in a fancy costume.

Text: Holger Wild

Ort/ Location:
Silver Silver Lopez, StudioGalerie Miriam Wuttke,
Weichselstr 53, 12045 Berlin

Zeitrahmen/ Time frame:
20:30 bis 23:00 Uhr/ 8:30 pm to 11 pm

Presented by Our Time NYC- Berlin https://ourtimenycberlin.wordpress.com/
in collaboration with Month of Performance Art Berlin

Artist Links:
Karen Haase http://www.haase-plankk.com/haase
Miriam Wuttke http://miriamwuttke.de/
A Short Term Effect http://www.wix.com/albertopicciau/a-short-term
Petrov Ahner http://petrovahner.net/

The MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART is a month-long and citywide platform dedicated to highlighting, promoting and interconnecting the wealth and diversity of independent, contemporary and experimental Performance Art practices thriving in BERLIN. The only Performance Art project of its kind in Germany and beyond, MPA-B reflects the creative force injected by autonomous cultural players into the city’s Performance Art scene with an eclectic programme of indoor and outdoor performances, workshops, lectures, actions, site-specific interventions, talks, screenings, experimental music and unique audience encounters and interactions.

Programme of the 11th of May/ Programm am 11. Mai 2012:

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photos by Petrov Ahner 2012 all rights reserved

Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012

With her non-profit organization Our Time NYC- Berlin
Miriam Wuttke is proud to present two performance events during the festival

Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012

MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART – BERLIN / MAY || Programme 2012 ||                 

This is the MPA-B 2012 programme presenting over 100 different projects at 65 locations citywide, and featuring innovative and experimental work by hundreds of artists, curators, producers, networks, organisations and initiatives from Berlin and around the world. This calendar was created to give you a quick overview of how busy this May is going to be, and to help you plan your MPA-B experience in the best possible way. For a full programme listing divided by day, simply click on the number of the day of the month.


Our Time NYC- Berlin presents:

May 11th 2012
8:30- 10 pm
Silver Silver Lopez
Weichselstrasse 53
Berlin Neukölln

May 30th 2012
8- 10:30 pm
Goldener Saal
Kunsthaus Tacheles
Oranienburger Str 54-56a
Berlin Mitte

Further information about events and partaking artists soon

9 muses 11 artists // berlin 2010

Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
September 11, 2010
9- 11 pm 

Our Time Nyc- Berlin presents a site specific performance at Kunsthaus Tacheles
OUR TIME NYC- BERLIN and Kunsthaus Tacheles collaborate on an interdisciplinary performance, music and video art event for Sepember 11th to celebrate the third birthday of OUR TIME, the victory of art and the freedom of creative expression.
Three parallel self- bondage performances on each floor of the Kunsthaus Tacheles with a final interaction in the grand Theatre on the first floor, Goldener Saal.

Curating, production and art direction: Miriam Wuttke
Hyoghi (3rdfloor), Miriam Wuttke (4thfloor), Helena Kolb (5thfloor)
Filmmaking: Ton Belowskey (3rdfloor), Falko Seidel (4thfloor), Herbert Holzmann (5thfloor)
Costumes: Sandra Becker
Sound/ Music: Hyoghi, Chuuu, Andreas J. Grimm
Sound/ Installation: ORVAR
Site/ Performance Photography: Petrov Ahner
VJing at Goldener Saal: Chuuu// turntable animation

OUR TIME was founded as a collaboration of a 3-artist-and-1-supervisor art event production team based in NYC in September 2007 at a site specific installation in midtown Manhattan by Miriam Wuttke, Pasha Radetzki, Orlando Palacios & Peter Lax.

miriam wuttke. painting. performance. installation. berlin- new york.
Ger fon +49 (0)-176 21839710

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photos by petrov ahner
costumes by sandra becker

Our Time Nyc 2010

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OUR TIME NYC 2010- Professional PlayGround
March 4th- 7th
45 W 57th St 5/6 Ave

THURSDAY 4th of March: OPENING RECEPTION 7 pm- 10 pm
7 pm- 8 pm performance cluster

“… never ends or begins…”: BLUE MUSE DANCE & Peter Lew, Hitomi Nozawa, Alexandre Delaunay,  Laurie Pierre, Todd Amodeo, Joyful Sonic Wash
Pasha Ra & Peter Lew (performance & sound)
Bondage_Circle_3/1: Miriam Wuttke aka Repetition Girl (performance)

FRIDAY 5th of March 4 pm- 10 pm
6 pm- 9 pm performance cluster

Introduction by Sylvie Degiez & Wayne Lopes (e-piano & strings)
Erin Ellen Kelly (dance performance)
Bondage_Circle_3/2: Miriam Wuttke aka Repetition Girl & Sylvie Degiez, Wayne Lopes (performance & sound)
PashaRa & Sylvie Degiez, Wayne Lopes, Peter Lew (performance & sound)
“… never ends or begins…”: BLUE MUSE DANCE & Peter Lew, Hitomi Nozawa, Alexandre Delaunay, Laurie Pierre, Todd Amodeo, Joyful Sonic Wash
Pasha Radetzki aka Pasha Ra; Sound Work, with special guest

SATURDAY 6th of March 4- 10 pm
6 pm- 9 pm performance cluster

Introduction by Sylvie Degiez & Wayne Lopes (e-piano & strings)
Bondage_Circle_3/3: Miriam Wuttke aka Repetition Girl (performance)
“… never ends or begins…”: BLUE MUSE DANCE & Peter Lew, Hitomi Nozawa, Alexandre Delaunay, Laurie Pierre, Todd Amodeo, Joyful Sonic Wash
Sylvie Degiez & Wayne Lopes (sound)
Erin Ellen Kelly (dance performance)
Pasha Radetzki aka Pasha Ra & Sylvie Degiez, Wayne Lopes & Peter Lew (performance & sound)
Pasha Radetzki, aka Pasha Ra. BLCK Yamaha Bass Manifesto¡! Sound/media/install-action. 200§.
With special guest AlienLifeForm
Peter Lax: Sound Works

SUNDAY 7th of March 4- 8 pm
5- 7 pm performance cluster

“… never ends or begins…”: BLUE MUSE DANCE & Peter Lew, Hitomi Nozawa, Alexandre Delaunay, Laurie Pierre, Todd Amodeo, Joyful Sonic Wash
Erin Ellen Kelly (dance performance)
Pasha Radetzki aka Pasha Ra & Peter Lew (performance & sound)
Miriam Wuttke aka Repetition Girl: CLOSING DOWN

Special Appearance: Rute Ventura (performance)
Video Work by Katrin Kaa Riedl

Pasha Radetzki, Miriam Wuttke, Orlando Palacios, Peter Lew, Sylvie Degiez,
Wayne Lopes, Mayuna Shimizu/BLUE MUSE DANCE,  Erin Ellen Kelly,
Gregory de la Haba, Rute Ventura, Hitomi Nozawa, Alexandre Delaunay, Laurie Pierre, Todd Amodeo, Joyful Sonic Wash, Katrin Kaa Riedl

Production and Site Management: Peter Lax
Curating, Production, Creative Direction: Miriam Wuttke